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Kawamoto was selected over Shoichiro Irimajiriwho oversaw the successful establishment repai Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. Disconnect the solenoid har- ness 8P connector. Check all valves for free movement. Set the parking brake, and block both rear wheels securely’ 2. Using a non-Honda ATF can aftect shift quality.

Acura Tsx Service Repair Shop Workshop Manual Set W Body Manual New Factory

Clean the any gasket material off the cylinder. Page Front Suspension Adjustments 4. Measure the clearance between the shift piece and the interlock.

Remove the countershaft bearing using the special tools as snown. A few examples are the latest Honda Odyssey minivan and the RidgelineHonda’s first light-duty uni-body pickup truck. The vehicle itself does not emit any pollutants and its only by products are heat and water. Transmission Removal cont’d ’16, Rocker Arms lnstallation 4.

Honda Pilot Service Repair Manual

Measure the clearance between 2nd and 3rd gears, 0. Power is transmitted to the final drive gear, which drives the tinal driven gear.

Mainshaft Thrust Clearance Adjustment cont’d Remove the ball bearings using a bearing puller. Turn the ignirion switch OFF. Position the 36 mm spring washer and washer onto Honda soldhybrids in Removal Bemove the shift piece shaft.

The 2006 honda pilot repair manual pdf download combines participation in motorcycle races throughout the world with the development of high potential racing machines.

The resistance of the thermistor decreases as the engine coolant temperature increases as shown oetow. Wire side ot female terminals C h. Install the intake air duct and the resonaror.

Only key points are described here. Remove the crankcase breather tube plug 1 from the tube 2 and drain deposits.

HONDA Civic Service Manual

Make sure the fueltank is lessthan halffull. Page 74 1 cylinder gasket 3 B dowel pin 2 A dowel pins 4. Check lor folds or scratches on the surface of the gasket. Rear Suspension Adjustments Min. ddownload

Cleanall parts thoroughly in solvent or carburetor cleaner, and drywith compressed air. Use a straight edge and depth gauge. Maintenance 1 3’75 Glearance Inspection’.

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Remove the ATF pan fourteen bolts 9. Remove the sealing bolt from the inspection hole. Remove the upper bracket. Remove the carbon deposits from the piston oil ring Manhal recommend you consult the Service Manual head and piston ring grooves with the or your authorized Honda dealer for correct removed ring. Check all hose clamps and retighten if necessary.

For other uses, see Honda disambiguation. Connect the vacuum PumP to 0 – 30 in. Remove the bolt and lock washer. Power is transmitted to the countershaft 4th gear’ which drives the countershaft’ Power is transmitted to the final drive gear, which drives the final driven gear’ gear exceeds that of 1st NOTE: Buyers of used vehicles are directed to a specific Honda retail chain that sells only used vehicles called Honda Auto Terrace.