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Read your back issues and you will see this addressed.

How about the torrent link? Can we have a mod step in here?

Welcome to the 2600 store.

They acknowledge the rights of their readers to maintain backup and electronic copies of materials. Is UF currently hosting a bunch of threads on illegal filesharing?

2600 magazine pdf download They explicitly allow readers to create clothing with the logos, though they ask for you to send them a piece for ‘QA ; ‘ purposes. If you ever find a repo of current issues you should either be very quiet about it or notify Everything they sell is listed in the sidebar at 2600 magazine pdf download.

This has been explained in downloadd letters section pdd and over and over. Yes, there are repos of backissues.

2600 Magazine: Digital Editions

If you know of other decent ezines, please let us know. They allow readers to use the name for local meetings provided they guarantee to hold them in public spaces that are open to all.

Are we allowed to ask for and post links to 2600 magazine pdf download copyrighted material through channels other than the legally defined ones? dpf

There’s a lot of older stuff available from the Hack Canada archives http: Recent pdf downloads. Mainstream publications actually get bumps in ad rates magazne anything that suggests people are seeing the ads – gets nothing. Heya, 2600 magazine pdf download is not the sort of thing you post for on UF.

They appear to make it available. None of the search links are to the summer 09 pdf – they are back issues from Personally, 2600 magazine pdf download think it’s a shame isn’t available as an ezine. You appear to have been suckered.

There is no invisible money flowing into their pockets to subsidize printing as their recent printing woes indicate. Does anyone know where I can get pdfs of recent issues of Hacker Quarterly? Nothing personal, but I am going to ask that 2600 magazine pdf download thread be closed.

The Hacker Quarterly – Online Store – Magazine

This is not similar to asking for free downloads of mainstream publications as does not print advertisements for anyone but 2600 magazine pdf download own subscribers. As far as I can determine the materials in question are copyrighted and as such 2600 magazine pdf download thread will remain closed.

Asking for downloads of copyrighted material is not appropriate. There are so few quality hacking-related ezines. For anyone who is unfamiliar withthey are not only a magazine, they serve as a legal barometer in the U. They do not sell electronic copies at this time.