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This book is a winner and highly recommended!!

They are having a lot of fun. Thanks for putting it out therel. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. Stewart from Lumberton, TX says: This book is a winner and downloqd recommended!!. Steven from Itterbeek, belgium says: The main thing Dodnload have learnt is make the drills interesting and fun and involving everyone as much as possible. I was able to pair my players 60 fun youth basketball drills pdf download on skill levels, but also taught my team to work together.

More importantly, they started stealing the ball and getting aggressive. We want the kids to learn basketball skills but have fun in that process.

60 fun basketball drills and games for youth coaches

06 team was made up of 5 and 6 year olds who needed to learn basic basketball fundamentals, such as dribbling, shooting, passing, catching, rebounding, and defense. The team liked it and my assisstants also liked it. I use something out of it everyday and I coach Varsity Girls. Speed Ladder Drills for Basketball Players. I purchased this book last summer and I used the drills off and on, mixed them in with different things during practice and thought it was an ok book. My team really enjoys the different drills, and really notice that they employ what they learn at practice, in a game.

It was absolutely amazing how it turned our practices around! Dave from Perry, OH says: I coach both an 60 fun youth basketball drills pdf download year old team and a 7 year old team and there basketbzll plenty here for all youth ages.

60 fun youth basketball drills pdf download Prospectus by Baseball Prospectus.

60 fun youth basketball drills pdf download teaching fundamentals, I use the fun drills, so that kids can improve what they learned and have fun at the same time. After coaching small college basketball for many years getting used to working with 3rd 4th and 5th graders was a challenge. Bernard Nkejabega from Welkenraedt, Belgium says: I recommend this book very highly to any level of coaching, even college. Dave from Morrison, IL says: Glad to have 60 to choose from.

60 fun basketball drills and games for youth coaches – PDF Drive

This review is helpful. As a coach I have found it to be very helpful at a reasonable cost. Signup for our newsletter. Use the table of contents below and this key to find the drills that fit your needs. And by the way we won our youtth grand final this weekend.

You will not regret this purchase, 60 fun youth basketball drills pdf download your team will thank you for a great season!. Meade, San Anselmo CA says: I started to use the fun drills and we ended up as runner-up in the final.

This manual contains material protect ed under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Barry Smith from Stockton on Tees, Cleveland says: Winning Basketball for Girls 4th Edition I found 60 fun drills to be a very useful tool.

We took second place in our league, after applying these 60 fun youth basketball drills pdf download. I put mine in a binder a pull out my favorites for a given practice. I found this book very helpful in structuring drills that kept the players moving, active and competitive yet still teaching basketball fundamentals.

Very well organized with each drills purpose, instuctions, and teaching tips explained. I had already used some of these drills in my practices 60 fun youth basketball drills pdf download my girls and boys love them. Tom Breen from Northville, MI says: Awesome drills, I use many of them for my under 8’s and under 12’s and they love them.

Coach K the other one from FarmingvilleNY says: I have used many of them to great effect with the yr olds that I coach, they love doing the drills. The 60 drills book was a perfect match.

Doug Cox from Matheson, CO says: This is where I saw a change in attitude for the worse.