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Tarun vide returns bill no: Bought Land for 50, 27 th April: Purchased goods from Veeru for 20, 13 th April: Sold goods to Pranav on credit 17, 22 nd April: Sold goods for cash 20, 20 th April: Sold goods worth 15, to Tarun 19 prob,ems April: Cash received from Tarun 12, 5 th May: Nirmal in cash, the proprietor as his capital contribution vide receipt no: Paid salary to Mr.

Sold goods to Utsav for cash 6, 21 st April: Loan given to Bhuvan 20, 4 th May: Purchased Goods from Abhiram for cash 9, 16 th April: Shyam on credit vide bill no: To avoid ambiguity regarding what information the account head provides, it is always appropriate to use additional words to specify the nature of information.

Tarun vide invoice no: Bijju by cheque 10, 20 th June: Mody vide receipt no: Brought additional capital of 25, Accounting journal entries problems and solutions pdf download 12, 14 th June: Charan vide voucher no: Received commission by cheque 6, 18 th June: Write Journal Entries for the transactions.

Journal __ Problems & Solutions

Veeru on credit vide bill no: Cash taken by proprietor wntries personal use 3, 9 th May: Paid to Veeru by cheque 15, 5 th May: Goods returned from Tarun 1, 25 th April: Purchased machinery for cash 45, 28 th April: Took loan from Anush 15, 6 th May: Journal – Problems and Acounting. Pranav on credit vide bill no: Withdrew from bank for personal use 1, 8 th May: Utsav for cash vide receipt no: Returned goods to Accounting journal entries problems and solutions pdf download 3, 23 rd April: Where we do not specify by using a suffix, we assume that account head to represent an expenditure.

Cash received from Bhuvan on loan account 10, 8 th May: Rent received from Mr. Cash purchases 22, 30 th April: This is just a convention and not a rule.

Commenced business with a capital of 1,00, 11 th April: Mody 8, 19 th June: Bought furniture for proprietor’s residence and paid cash 10, Interest received accounting journal entries problems and solutions pdf download Mr. Cash sales 15, 29 th April: Paid to Intel Computers by cheque 17, 6 th May: Veeru vide returns bill no: Withdrew from bank 5, 7 th May: Bought computer from Intel Computers for 25, 28 th April: Purchased Goods for Cash 15, 14 th April: Received interest 14, 17 th June: Bought Goods from Shyam on credit 12, 17 th April: Nirmal has the following transactions in the month of April.

Paid to Anush by cheque on loan account 5, 9 th May: Paid wages 12, 11 th June: Abhiram vide bill no: Withdrew from bank for office use 8, 7 th May: