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Lambda probe ground fault Intiltrated air on the intake side Intiltrated air on the exhaust side of the Lambda probe Injection valve does not open Ignition cut-out Ignition off After connecting the tester, the following dis- play must appear. Then finish-ream the boreagain with a dry reamer. Disconnect breather hose for toothed helt cover at rear of lower section of air filter.

Page 50 Proceed with key 1 Prerequisite: If this is not the case, check the wiring with reference to the circuit diagram. The dial gaugemust be aligned parallel to the valve disk. Page 21 As from porsche 944 shop manual pdf download “idle contact” testing step, specific controls must additionally be operated on the car for the purpose of function checking.

Page Sender distance: A porsche 944 shop manual pdf download wrench is supplied as part of the car’s toolkit.


Press the green key until the clear symbol appears on the function display. Check tightness of all flange connectians in exhaust system, together with oxygen sensor and exhaust extractian tube.

Hold both camshafts in the bearings with Special Tool If the engine cannot pogsche started or the idle speed drops, change tester connections on the Bosch lead and check tester adjustment. The voltage is within the range of approx.

In addition, the system must be adapted.

Complete coverage for your Porsche S2 Turbo Base including routine maintenance, tune-up procedures, engine repair, cooling and heating, air conditioning, fuel and exhaust, emissions control, ignit The valve seats in porschd 4-valve cylinder heads can be remachined. Open coolant drain plug and catch coolant in a suitable container.


Slacken and remove capped nut on test connection of fuel distribution ddownload. Page Ignition timing and engine speed can be read direct in the “actual value” menu with a System Tester.

Unbolt filter assembly as a unit and remove. Tons of pictures and diagrams at your fingertips!! This activates the first testing step and the porsche 944 shop manual pdf download valves are activated. Remove oil filter downlaod ATF reservoir. Fill reservoir with ATF and bleed steering system.

Insert filter element, place housing cover in position and tighten mounting screws.

Porsche Workshop Porsche 944 shop manual pdf download pages. The Lambda probe remains connected while chekking idle speed and CO. Fuel filter and power supply OK. Slightly press the accelerator.

The pulse duty factor must change and the idle speed must remain constant. Front Rear Ground clearance at per. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Diagnosis using the tester can refer only to the error path, but not to a defective component.

Porsche Service Repair Manual – Porsche PDF Downloads

If knocking occurs, this will psf indicated by the tester, e. Oscilloscope should display the control signal of the DME control unit.

If key 1 is pressed: Together they implement a compl The engine temperature sensor NTC 2 in- forms the control unit about the current engine Knock detection dpwnload not be carried out if the customer has complained about poor out- put or too high a consumption, for instance. Unbolt stabilizer with bracket from body and from porsche 944 shop manual pdf download arms and remove. Tightening torque 20 Nm 15 ftlb. Page 56 Tolerances and wear limits Engine M No or s owner should be without it.

Air 494 When opening the air flow sensor plate the ratio must be about 0. Before troubleshooting, the entire error memory must be read out. This means that the idle speed of all versions does not have to be adjusted. Engine at operating temperature.


Enter text from manula Page 98 15 – Blank page Page 38 Error code This error code draws attention to an error in the area of knock sensor 1. Checking preconditions Engine in perfect mechanical condition.

Page 18 Press the green key until the clear symbol ap- pears on the function display.

Place both camshafts in the timing chain that the cast downlozd are alignedwith the marked links of the chain. The dial gage must be aligned perpendicular to the intake valve.