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The author has had great success with a simple trading formula. Lots of you using index plays.

What did I ever do without an I-phone??? I did find this book to be interesting and I’ve stirred it’s contents into the soup that is selling put options my way pdf download trading strategy. Hi selling put options my way pdf download, good to see taxman and Ihaveoptions still trading. I kept up with my options while away. The stocks I now use listed below work best with weekly options and offer a good ROI return on investment.

I hope to make. If the stock is moving up I let it ride until it seems to level off for an hour or two. Good to be back Jerry. I am going to share with you my daily option moves and the reasons behind them. I will sell the calls and buy the calls.

As most of you know I started trading daily around 15 years ago. The goal with these is to get called! I also do some EBAY. If I had done the Monday position I would be losing many thousand.

Download Selling Put Options My Way PDF – Video Dailymotion

Hi all, Wow some new names and option players. Chester January 2, at I have opened and closed so many positions lately my account looks more like a refrigerator door. But enough of me. I have had many many questions regarding where or what I’m up to and why avoiding posting on the blog.

Sounds like a great book options are selling put options my way pdf download. All expired on Friday and tomorrow I will decide on which strike to open new coved calls by the plays at the opening or after an hour or so.

Yes, you read that correctly. Posted by Selling Put Options at 7: FB has reported earning and should continue upwards?

Selling Put Options My Way

This past week I spent in the Caribbean spending some hard earned money while chartering a nice Lagoon catamaran. But when I look today there are good positions and only a day or two left! Most of the rules I suggested were pointed toward how to trade monthly options.

Thursday, May 16, selling put options my way pdf download I apologize for being absent so much but other duties have distracted me and now I am back on track. My way of trading options are of course not the only way to utilize Put Selling put options my way pdf download. Sunday, February 9, I’m not doing a spread with these as the up or downside is just to much to guess with.

I am not inviting you to come to my house and view a cleaning agent. My only excuse is pretty lame but I really have been busy the last year. Hi, the exit was to buy back the puts if the option premium doubled or it hit his strike price, whichever happened wy. This is a way that I have found to be simple and easy and not as complicated as some make this business.

So my rules for selling puts as outlined in my book still apply and give me some basic rules and guidelines. I haven’t used them opptions lately but they are a great way to do options.

But I am interested in learning Its the allure of the whole thing that amazes me. For trades that I am now doing. I have settled on a method that I now feel offers some great rewards with as little risk as can be expected.

Well I have been on a roller coaster for a few months. Waiting gives me the chance to re-evaluate and adjust the strikes used or even if I want to do the trade. So there you have a few of the trades I am doing these days. So this selling put options my way pdf download has 4 legs.

I hope to hear from you traders regarding what you think and how you are trading this weeks available trades. This has burned up lots of time and energy but paid the bills.