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Group Publishing Publication Date: May 16, Bob Rust rated it it was amazing. As mentioned by Toadjo in another review, the feeling of this book is very different from most other books in the series, with mysterious and sometimes sinister overtones. Dad used to pick them up at rummage sales, and I’d get a dozen used copies individually wrapped at christmas.

I hope Gramedia will republish this series. Please enter your name, your email and your question regarding the product in the fields below, and we’ll answer you the cave of time pdf download the next hours. If you take the right branch, turn to page The Cave of Time Nummer 1 van Choose your the cave of time pdf download adventure. Of course as a science fiction nerd This wasn’t the first Choose Your Own Adventure book I read, but as soon as I discovered that this was a series, I wanted to go back to the beginning and read them in order even though they are not in any way dependent on reading sequentially since they are independent adventures.

Nevertheless, the book’s a solid work and reminds you that it’s just the beginning, with more instant-classics to come in the next 20 years. More reviews by DavidSky.

Book the cave of time pdf free download – 01

I’ve read a lot of choose-your-own-adventure novels, and this one is sub-par. Personally, a great starting book to the series.

Cave Quest VBS Books by Itme Packard. Our last read through it, we made all the worst possible choices to try to get a bad ending, but nothing super bad ever happened. Sarkies – LibraryThing This was the first of a new genre of book, the game book, though it the cave of time pdf download out under the title ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’.

Preschool Closing Circle Leader Manual. As a result of the diversity within The Cave of TimeI don’t really remember a single thing about it it’s been about three years since I read it last.

See All Goodreads Deals…. It occurs to you that the one leading down may go to the past and the one leading up may go to the future. It’s worth taking a look at, if only for its importance in gamebook history. More reviews by Good.

The Cave of Time

I used to love these books as a kid and I ran across csve in a box of donations at work. Direction Doodler Kits, pack of the cave of time pdf download However, the book did have its moments; I particularly enjoyed the ending when the girl from the future has the cave of time pdf download idea what a Cadillac is.

These criticisms aside, this remains a very fun book to read, and one can go through three or four adventures in a very short time, making it excellent for short-attention-spans.

Only you can find out! You are hiking in Snake Canyon when you find yourself lost in the strange, dimly lit Cave of Time.

To view it, click here. One curves downward to the right; the other leads upward to the left.

Item – The Cave of Time – Demian’s Gamebook Web Page

I might see if I can track down more. After a the cave of time pdf download demand from dwonload, the series was continued in the s and over a hundred new books were released over the next twenty years. Timun MasNomad Three copies, two original release cover one reprint cover. Jun 29, James Vachowski rated it it was amazing Shelves: Me encanto los diferentes finales que te da el libro.

If you take the left branch, turn to page If you take the right branch, turn to page